Thursday, October 21, 2010

" i'm not ashamed if you're entertained. " :PosT AltPressExpo pOsT

*book, letterpress, assorted pills, subcutaneous syringe, resin

there's a hole in our soul that we fill with dope
and we're feeling fine


*book, metal capsules, glass syringe, assorted pills

a pill to make you numb
a pill to make you dumb
a pill to make you anybody else


*book, letterpress, novelty rounds

I read that book every page
And then I put it away
Said I don't think so

It makes slaves of all womankind
And corpses of the men
And I just don't know


cliche. pastiche. kitsch. one liners are worth it if they make you smile. lets not pretend we shouldn't all also be in the business of making a joke. delicious and nutritious.
"automatic charisma for your chemical mind."
no lightning, nada, nothin'. just a sore hand, numb finger tip, heaps of human sized gerbil bedding, a dull knife and a handful of narcotics. it's all for the show.

over a thousand miles have passed. mounting the summit only to have to return to the bottom and start over again. when you push the rock long enough it should become easier to push. every day, your muscles become more defined and solid. your endurance builds. eventually, the stone begins to chip and wear. its surface becomes smooth from the unending friction of its own crushing grind the the stone instead.
in a matter of hours..cast once more amidst the gauntlet.
good ol' fashioned misguided gluttons.
at least someone helped jesus.
i'll be dragging my wooden stand alone for certain.

boys with bashed in eyes line the roads
but the longest walk was the one back home


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