Sunday, January 8, 2012

LoLLYgAggiNg iN CosTuMe.

alone in the garden
*14 pg.
4in. x 2.63in.

~ a zine ~
* available indefinitely
* no cost
* postage paid
* will ship internationally

punch the clock since you're too tired to punch your boss...

Well, I try my best
To be just like I am
But everybody wants you
To be just like them
They say sing while you slave and I just get bored

-Bob Dylan

Haven't seen the sun weeks
My skin is getting pale
Haven't got a mind left to speak
And I'm skinny as a rail

Light bulbs are getting dim
My interest is starting to wane
I'm told it's everything a man could want
And I shouldn't complain

Conversation's getting dull
There's a constant buzzing in my ears
Sense of humor's void and numb
And I'm bored to tears

-The Raconteurs

..Do you know what the people say?
Plucked from the garden
Of wretched beliefs,
I offer a rose
And smile with harmless teeth.

Then slick back my hair
You know the devil's in there?
Alone in the garden.

-Them Crooked Vultures