Friday, October 11, 2013

mUCKiNg the RaKE...

!  sticker packs now available  !
~marvin makes mail~

*  includes three fun stickers:    
  Grave Taken  (3.75 in x 5.63 in)
  T.V. Watching  (5.25 in  x  4 in)
  Ghost Behind Us  (2.75 in x 4.25 in)
postage paid 
*  will ship internationally
*  hand kissed envelope

bending over to smell the roses, face buried in petals, miss placed footing on slippery slopes. a sideways glimpse on the way down to bloody hands, muddy knees and thorns. that beautiful house has mold. we already know where that highway goes to. that large automobile was a coffin. captured in freedom. birth as death's cursed preamble. in the bed or the casket...buried in a dark hole. not all flowers are aromatic. took a moment to stop and taste the brambles. venus trapped more than flies. crest fallen into the real valley of the shadow of death. 

At the heart of all beauty lies something inhuman...
- Albert Camus

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