Sunday, July 5, 2015

~ ‡ HoLeY SaLiVaTioN ‡ ~

succubus dreams running off the neck, 
blood dripped honey under cloying lysergic tongues.
reparations. preparations. into the madding crowd. a vast throng taken to the streets. marching from outer-space to greet the hungry onlookers. seeping under bridges, spilling from the alleyways to crush the waters edge in a fleshy wave of sweaty brows and flinging extremities. flashing finger bangers reach down from the sky through swirling blue neon gunpowder bees and octopus smoke signals dancing behind a drifting curtain of fire and wails. sparking flowers into the black to send up our revolts, higher still beyond the flabbergasted scopes of our martian divinings. 
longer than anyone can remember. exploding through optic nerves, sapphic laughter, acid raindrops and nubile traffic jams. skirting the rails with shrieks from the blundering busses. distilling the early night's cotton candy air. transcendent perspiration to lubricate melting kinesis. flying from thirsty hands to the night's glowing void. residual glimmer from a savage journey to the heart of our smoldering visions. from the altar of the halter, pantry of the chantry: speaking the tooth of the holey-reamdreamer. 
in the year of our hoard, two nothing, and one five 

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