Wednesday, October 15, 2014

CoNNecTiNG tHe BLoTs...

ghosts in the garden

* 24 pg.
* 5.25 in. x 4.25 in.

~ zine ~

* an assorted collection of two volumes in one !
* special translucent vellum cover !  
* available indefinitely
* postage paid
* will ship internationally a boat adrift in the ocean never knowing it had been cut loose from it's moorings. faced up it's always the same view. the sky is one sided. shells floating into the galaxy...waiting to be smashed. machines hurling into the universe. cosmic trash. space junk. strangers buried in the sand without realizing the ground sank beneath while they watched the sun burn out. at the top of the highest mountain waits the longest road back down. all mighty rivers wash out and empty at their ends. psychic mailers bleed through ether envelops on rain beaten telephone poles stretching to nowhere. pining for their lost selves when the sound still moved through their arms and fingers dug deep. reaching down to get higher. smelling aged papers. remembering aural landslides. blinking with eyes closed.  
displaced carbon.
electricity spent.
mortal uncoiled.

...lost subsequently, like everything too carefully put away...
- Roland Barthes 

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Anonymous said...

Is this Corey? Last time I saw you would've been the art center days.