Tuesday, January 13, 2015

BaCoN BiTs...

* chromogenic print

on view at 
dec. 1 - jan. 31

* chromogenic print

burnt offerings. human sacrifices. seared flesh. occupational hazards. hot licks. fire kissed. factory fingerprints. solidarity through suffering. shaving down the mountain. Sisyphus was a foundry apprentice. you must make a stone before you can roll one. cultivating a grasp to choke the whole world down. spirits exfoliated by the karmic hammer of our carefully chosen subconscious smolderings.
perdition for the proletarian soul.
people who live in sand castles shouldn't grind bones.
people who live in log cabins shouldn't burn fireplaces.
sliding metal fingers down the mouths of tiny volcano faces.
digging out kaleidoscopic pearls to be smashed down and swallowed again. what the fire consumes also consumes the fire. smashes the ashes...a gust for the dust...and death took a breath.

...how to handle a shovel...
...a sense of savage brutality that re-assimilates us to our true nature. a jellied inferno squeezed through callous hands made into petrified flames...hardened and lifted up so high that when it's finally let down it breaks into a million pieces. ground down so tiny and scattered so far, we'll never get them all back again. sometimes beauty is pain. and sometimes pain is beauty.
a sharp edge to cut yourself on.
a way to get hurt.

* chromogenic prints, glass, zinc hex bolts/nuts, 
rubber baby buggy bumpers

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